8 Most Trusted E-learning Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2022

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Whether you are planning to enroll in an online learning platform or building your e-courses, it is essential to get your self familiarized with how this e-learning works. This education system has become a popular option for those students and working professionals who want to hone their skills because this saves a lot of time and money.

However, certain educational platforms are only up for your money. That is why e-learning blogs and websites are here to guide you throughout this educational system.

E-learning blogs and websites are essential if you are planning to find amazing educational platforms. So, here are the most trusted e-learning websites that you can follow.

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  • E-student
  • Shift
  • eLearning
  • CommLab India
  • Arun Pradhan
  • Twist. The Learning Guild
  • ATD
  • Learning Solutions



On top of our list is the E-student website. They are considered as a student-friendly website; they publish e-learning contents that is unbiased and accurate. The e-student.org website believes that in providing trustworthy and reliable journalism, they can create a healthy e-learning environment. They are setting high standards for all online educational platforms and direct you to genuine facts about e-learning. Also, they are indeed thoughtful for giving readers vital information about how to start and open online courses effectively.

Lastly, this website uncovers not only the positive sides of an online educational system but also the challenges you might face.



Quality is their priority. The Shift e-learning website is partnered with various multi-awarded e-learning platforms. They are dedicated to providing all E-students informative blogs, especially on technologies. Most of their content is about guiding people who are planning to build their online educational platform. Another commendable thing about their website is that they have a friendly team that will assist you in e-learning.

They are also recognized by industry-leading organizations because of their excellent knowledge about technologies. So, if you want to have a deep understanding of business and technology, you might want to check their website.



If you are looking for an all-in-one website, eLearning might be useful for you. eLearning is a group of eLearning professionals. They are dedicated to providing service to connect all eLearning professionals and instructional designers in a safe online community. Their mission is to give a stay up to date with the latest industry news, technologies and to help them find projects online.

They are so thoughtful that most of their articles and contents are about helping all readers to be knowledgeable about e-learning tools.

CommLab India


They have existed for decades already, and they are indeed well-known by other companies around the globe. They are one of the pioneers in the eLearning industries, and their mission is to help other organizations to empower employees and businesses. The founders of CommLab India are masters of management and training. Their website is full of contents about how eLearning works and to guide you to have a clear understanding of it.


If you have less knowledge about eLearning, then for sure CommLab India will genuinely help you.

Arun Pradhan


The owner of this e-learning blog is a master of infographics. So if you want to know and have an idea about how infographics work, then you have to start checking his website. Infographics are all about the graphical representation of reports instead of using words. This means infographics is widely used in the corporate world, where graphic presentations are commonly used during meetings. Also, Arun Pradhan, the owner of this website, is offering different online learning services such as the Learning2Learning program.

What’s good about this website is that you can decide whether you want to enroll in his programs or just enjoy his free infographic blogs.

Twist. The Learning Guild

They offer ideas, insights, perspectives, and discussions on the current trends in the online learning industry. The Twist also provides technologies and programs used to support learning and performance, tips for professional development, and much more. The Twist has writers that will give you up to date blog content about e-learning. They are also known for having active interactions with their readers; they always ask their readers what they want to learn. By their dynamic interactions with readers, they are having ideas about what kind of blogs and contents they will publish on their website.

Their contents talk about how to rework old ideas, restructure things around it, and get people on board with a renewed approach. They love collaborating with their readers and also learn from them.



Their e-learning blogs will help you achieve your full potential by honing your knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace. They are known for many titles: talent development managers, they are also trainers and instructional designers. ATD is dedicated to publishing e-Learning blogs that will target your personality. I think it is essential that all professionals should be confident and knows how to express their capabilities.

They aren’t just your typical e-learning website, and they will surely level you up and push to become a better version of yourself. That is something you need for your career growth.

Learning Solutions


If you want to keep yourself updated about the trends in online learning, then you might want to start following their blogs. Their goal is to provide more significant education and holistic development of a community. Of course, it is only possible through relevant and timely information contents or topics in e-learning. From their name “Learning Solutions,” it is already apparent that they are critical when it comes to development.

They are widely known because of their practical and clear understanding of e-learning. They are genuine and master of business technology and management

E-learning is a good option if you are already familiar with its system. There are millions of students around the globe that are currently enrolled in an online learning platform. However, this shouldn’t be taken lightly because it is still up to you if you want to improve yourself.


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