The Positive & Negatives Sides of IQ Testing

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We all want to test our IQ, especially when we are aware that we have some exceptional skills and a better way of resolving the issues around us. And of course, there are official tests and organizations, but also you can find that tests online, and test your intelligence, to see if you are really intelligent as you think. And sometimes the results may disappoint you, and show less than you thought.

At this point, we need to remember that intelligence is not always related to how smart one person is. It’s more related to their skills on how to cope with unpredictable situations, and get the best of them. Understanding how smart are you, or someone else around you can be a huge issue because intelligent children can be a real challenge for both the parents and teachers.

Depending on the area where you live, but other factors too, an intelligent person is considered as someone whose IQ is between 110 and 140. All those who are above 140, are super intelligent, and they are practically geniuses. But, it doesn’t mean that those who have a lower IQ of 110 are stupid or unable to be successful. There is a difference in how they are reasoning things. For example, intelligent people, including children, can learn things faster, and it takes less time until they come up with useful knowledge. Less intelligent people may need more time until they learn something new, or even struggle with that until they realize how things are going.

Taking a test on can be beneficial for you, so you can see how things are going, and get your results on your email. But, you must keep in mind that there are both positive and negative sides of testing, like:

Page Contents

  • 1. It can make a difference between the students
  • 2. It helps us determine the intelligent individuals
  • 3. We can realize how the brain works
  • 4. IQ test shows that some person is good at that test
  • 5. IQ tests are pretty limited
  • 6. They can be pretty entertaining
  • Conclusion

1. It can make a difference between the students


They are all equal in front of their teachers, and no one should make a difference based on their IQ. They should mark their success on the exams based on knowledge, not on intelligence. But, knowing that someone is more intelligent than the other can make a huge difference, and the teachers won’t pay attention to those who are harder to work with. The IQ test shouldn’t be a reason to label someone as smart or not enough smart, especially when we talk about students who are fighting for their future.

2. It helps us determine the intelligent individuals


In the previous paragraph, we said that knowing how intelligent is someone can be really tricky. But, layering the talented students can be really helpful to determine if they can handle something more outside the school, or not. The only person who has a benefit from the IQ test is the individual who is taking it, so they can know what are their limits, or options. Sometimes, it can make a lot of difference when deciding what to study, or which profession to take. A faster learning process can bring a lot of benefits, and when someone knows their real IQ, they can take more than they think can handle.

3. We can realize how the brain works


In some IQ tests, there is no correct answer to the question. Sometimes all the offered options can be correct, and the IQ depends on the choice of the answer. That helps the people realize how the brain works, and which patterns it follows until getting the right choice of some particular task. Understanding how the brain works are one of the most common challenges, and there is no exact way to determine that, but we can get closer to realizing how things are going.


4. IQ test shows that some person is good at that test


In general, the IQ tests don’t show the general intelligence of that person. It shows that based on that test, that person is good at resolving the puzzles or tasks. It’s not even science – it only estimates the IQ based on the particular test. It’s not proof of anything else than the test result. So, you can’t really hold on to that one result. If you want to estimate your real IQ, you will have to take more tests, and combine the results, until you come up with the exact result.

5. IQ tests are pretty limited


As we said, they don’t claim anything. They only give us some frame or interval on how we are ranked among the other people, based on the results of the test. Some people put a lot of importance on the test, they prepare for them and spend a lot of time resolving the tasks. Others may just click the answers randomly. But, these tests won’t show anything other than the ability to rationalize the problems and come to creative solutions for them.

6. They can be pretty entertaining


The most popular test is the one known as progressive matrix resolving. These puzzles can be fun and entertaining. No one knows which answer is correct, but different people can come to different solutions and answers. It all depends on the natural reasoning skills and can be very interesting to compare the answers of the people at the same age, who come up with different solutions to the same problem.


We all want to show some intelligence because we know how important it is for us and our skills. But, on the other hand, these tests don’t show us a lot. Our intelligence is what makes us unique among the others, our ability to learn new things and adapt to new situations in life. On the other hand, it can help us be better at school, but also outside of it, adapting social skills and creating exceptional relationships between us and the other people around us.

So, you can take the tests, so you can know where to start, and where do you want to go. After that, you can get even better and go higher than planned. It’s worth taking the test, but it’s not crucial to determine your IQ – you should never forget that.


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