7 Tips for Writing an Excellent Essay In 2022

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The most important tips and tricks that you can use in writing essays perfectly to make sure that you score good grades in all your classes.

Essays are considered as a very important part of the learning program and are very common at the university or college levels of education. In the modern world, it is very important to acquire a good education since it is the sole basis on which the future of the human race is dependent upon.

Human beings are constantly seeking knowledge, and it seems that this will be constant for a long time coming. But how do you demonstrate your understanding of a given area of research? What shows that you have acquired some knowledge pertaining to a selected topic?

This is where essay writing plays an important role, and one of the reasons that it is necessary to write essays during your school years. All essays that you are required to write have a specific purpose that is pre-determined by your goals as the writer and the subject matter.

The biggest challenge that most students face is the fact that they are not able to come up with good essays that can meet these goals and requirements. In this article, we explore seven tips that you can apply when intending to write the perfect essay.


As a writer, the main purpose of your essay should be to persuade your readers through properly researched and reasoned discourse. Your essay should also be able to advance your idea and also help in the development of your critical thinking skills. You can freely share some life stories on this anonymous discourse sharing platform to receive comments on whether your writing style is good or no, you won’t have to share any personal details so no worries if you are worried about that.

Depending on the purpose of your essay and the main idea, you should use the correct words to get your message across to the targeted audience in an effective manner. This is usually a big challenge, and most writers will struggle with this part of the essay mainly because they are not able to tie their idea, reasoning and research together well enough to persuade their readers.

At almost all places, including college and university, your writing will play as the major tool through which tour work, learning and intellect will be judged. You should always make sure that you write in a great and sensible way to convince your audience that you clearly understand what you are talking about. It is agreed that writing the perfect essay is not an easy task, but you may as well follow the following tips to help you attain this goal.

Page Contents

  • 1. Take your time to understand the requirements
  • 2. Come up with a well-thought-out thesis statement
  • 3. Always come up with a good outline
  • 4. Hire professional student help services
  • 5. Use the inverted triangle method to write
  • 6. Make use of free online writing tools
  • 7. Write content that makes sense

1. Take your time to understand the requirements


The problem with most writers is the fact that they rush to write their essays without taking time to consider the requirements of the paper. There are many different kinds of essays, and they all come with different instructions and requirements. Argumentative essays are quite different from comparative essays.

Make sure that you understand the instructions as well as the prompt that is provided. Unless you sit and think about these factors, in the event, you fail to follow instructions, and you will definitely not end up with a perfect essay. Understand what is being asked of you and ensure that you address it effectively.

In most cases, you will need to spend a good amount of time doing this, but it will work to your advantage since correcting a paper that is already complete is more difficult than writing the correct essay from the start.

2. Come up with a well-thought-out thesis statement


A thesis statement is simply one of those things that you cannot afford to do without if you have any hope of writing an excellent essay. This simple but important statement will guide you throughout the whole essay writing process. Based on the instructions provided, what topic do you intend to discuss or argue in your paper?

This statement/hypothesis should always be concise but include all the major ideas that you want to explore in your paper. For example, in this article, we are exploring seven tips for writing excellent essays. From the word go, you are able to understand what to expect in the article.

Additionally, as a writer, you are also able to identify what you want to write about, and hence you will always get back on track even if you get lost somewhere in the paper writing process. Your major objectives will be directed by this great statement which means that it will act as the roadmap that you use to writing an excellent essay.

Always ensure that you constantly refer to this hypothesis as you write your essays and ensure to stay on the right track at all times. The difference between a poor and a well-written essay is determined by the thesis statement.

3. Always come up with a good outline


Once you have your topic, relevant research, the given instructions, and a good thesis statement, it is always a very good idea to ensure that you come up with an outline to guide you. Think about the flow of your paper and the ways that you want to present your ideas.


Guided by your thesis statement, determine the content that will be contained in each of the paragraphs that you will include in your essay. Jot down each of the important points and write any ideas and approaches that you may use to discuss the different sections.

An outline is an ultimate tool towards saving time and ensuring that you do not forget the parts that you want to include in your paper. It will also make the drafting part of your paper very easy. Most writers tend to ignore this step and in doing so, end up writing low-quality essays. Make sure that you create a perfect outline for the perfect essay.

4. Hire professional student help services


Essay writing is never easy, especially for first-time writers, and it is important that you get any form of professional help. The fact is that no one really teaches you how to write an essay at college or university, and yet you are expected to deliver high-quality essays in all your courses.

Professional fast essay writing service providers such as Peachy Essay can play a huge role in helping you write excellent essays. Such companies are high-recommended due to the fact that they employ the best writers on the face of the globe that can offer you their professional advice on how to complete good papers. These services are usually student-oriented and hence not very expensive.

Whenever you are not able to complete your essays effectively or in a timely manner, you can consult these great companies, and they will definitely provide you with a solution that will help you come up with great essays in the future.

5. Use the inverted triangle method to write

Many writers do not understand this concept of writing since it is majorly used in journalistic writing. In this method, you are expected to write in a way that the reader receives the most vital information at the top. The explanations and supporting details are then placed after this information.

This is a strategic formula that helps to grab the attention of the reader from the word go and make them curious to establish where you collected your information. Additionally, it is advised that you write the introduction after you have written the rest of the paper.

This ensures that you do not waste too much time thinking about what you are going to include in this part since you will already know the components of your paper. Additionally, the introduction to the perfect essay should give the audience an overview of exactly what to expect in the body of the paper.

If you write it at the start, you do not yet know some of the things that you will decide to add to your essay. This may lead to you omitting some important components as you introduce your work and hence it is seen as a better technique to do it at the end.

6. Make use of free online writing tools


Writing tools like the thesis statement generator, bibliography generator, plagiarism checker, and grammar checkers are free online tools that were created to help you write excellent essays in their various capacities. These tools are freely available on the great essay writing websites. It is highly advisable to make proper use of such tools to your advantage when writing essays.

Not only will such tools help you save a considerable amount of time, but they will also help you to finish some tasks during the essay writing process correctly. For example, an excellent essay should be free of plagiarism and be properly cited. The sources used should also be credible, and the reader should be able to verify the information by accessing the sources.

When you use tools such as the plagiarism checker and bibliography generator, you make sure of these two factors in all your essays which amounts to perfect papers. Always ensure that you take some time to read through your work after and ensure that it is free of any other kinds of errors that usually have a negative effect on the quality of your work.

7. Write content that makes sense


There is always an aspect that demonstrates your understanding of a given topic, and your lecturers will easily identify work written by a student who did not understand a topic. Do just write to cover the word count. Conduct suitable research and stick within the boundaries of the given topic and your selected thesis statement. Ensure that all sentences in your essay add substance to your work and do not repeat yourself.

It is actually better to have a shorter and well-written essay than a long paper that contains irrelevant information. You will lose plenty of marks for this since you will generally not communicate your intended message.

Additionally, always ensure that you read through your work and cut out any of the parts that do not add value to your paper. In this way, you will be able to come up with an excellent essay that focusses on a topic and expresses your knowledge. You will also be able to back up that knowledge with good resources.

Essay writing is probably one of the most laborious tasks that you will need to complete as a student. You should, however, understand the various steps and tips that you should use to make the process less difficult and ensure that you come up with the excellent essays.

Luckily, there some technological advancements that have made some parts of the process much easier and more and more students are always trying to improve the quality of essays that they submit to their respective institutions. The above-mentioned tips have also been proved to significantly contribute towards the completion of perfect essays at all levels of education.


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